Creative & Innovative Business Matching


TEQLO Inc. is proud of the services we offer and even more thrilled to participate in our business matching, e-tradeshow (online exhibition), Diversity-Japan (Job seeker/Recruitment) and 8823Club (Med Bz Adviser).  Nothing is more satisfying than watching our customers move up in their respective world and make an impact in the industry.

  • Job seeker/Recruitment
  • e-tradeshow 
  • Bz Adviser

Exhibitor can make exclusive homepage. No expertise for making homepage. You can emphasize your products effectively. The services are provided 24/7/365.
E-marketing will help you as unique sales tool. Effective photo and YouTube video. You can enjoy the internal professional communication through œTopic Answers You will meet new people who have expertise like you. Anytime anywhere you can enjoy your talk/chat /discussion with professionals.

Diversity - Japan is charged with the public role as promotion of employment and stability of employment and our business practice is based on “trust”.

We'll have an individual interview for about 1 hour for the job seeker.

And for recruitment we’ll have a meeting on contract contents, recruitment specification and the follow-up.  For more information, please contact us.


8823Club advises your optimization of business process on R&D plan, Strategy of pharmaceutical affairs, New product planning, Marketing strategy, Pharmacovigilance strategy and Manufacturing strategy.

The advice will be done by the telephone communication from a specialist, so it's possible to consult quickly. For this service, we need preliminary contract. For more information, please contact us.


Diversity-Japan forJobseeker/Recruitment

8823Club (Medical Biz Adviser)